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How to quote a movie in an essay

Quoting a movie in an essay has proved to be a challenge for most individuals who are interested or required to quote a film or motion picture in an article. Unlike in writing an advertisement analysis essay, quoting movies take a different approach than the one previously expounded. Movie reviews demand more attention to details viewed in the films and their reactivity towards the topic or theme in question.

  • Besides the grammar and structuring of sentences, formatting of movie texts being highlighted in an essay requires a keen understanding of the different writing styles chosen by the author of such articles.
  • The diction used should correlate to the movie and the reactions it provokes from the audience.
  • The most common mistakes committed when quoting a movie in an essay usually arise from an individual’s familiarity with the writing formats employed during the writing process.
  • Given the diverse requirements, it is important to highlight the key points to consider when quoting a movie. Also, a movie quoted in an essay raises another challenge of referencing in the works quoted page which is equally dependent on the preferred format. Some of the formats to choose from include;


Quoting a movie using the Chicago format requires the writer to put down its director’s name in parenthesis along with the year of release after citing a line or scene from the movie. In the reference page, an author should cite the quoted text in the following sequence, the movie’s name, director’s first name and surname, the year of release, the location of production site or studio, the distributing company, and lastly, the release year for public viewership. The references or rather both quotations, within the text and the cited work’s page, require strict use of punctuation marks that would otherwise render the article wrongfully done. The director’s name should, in this case, end with a full stop. The year of release in theatres follows up with a semi-colon, the city or location of production ending with a full colon and the year of release to the public culminating in a fullstop.


The APA writing format has a different approach in that quoting the movie in an essay is immediately followed by quotation marks in which the director’s name and the movie’s title are showcased. The reference page tends to differ in this case as the director’s last names followed by an initial of first name appear first. The year of production, the title of the movie follows suit and each is separated by fullstop. The location and studio complete the sequence for APA format and are separated by a full colon.

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